Speech on 15th August Independence Day 2018 in Hindi Marathi English

One thing that we can say without a doubt is that India is a country with rich cultural background and history, wouldn’t you agree?

On the 15th of August, India finally received the independence that she deserved. After years of hardship, India finally became a free nation. Although it has been 70 years since India received independence, we still learn about the struggle of the people and the bravery of the freedom fighters early on as a part of our education.

Celebrating Your Freedom

If you want to showcase your patriotic zeal, you will want to participate with enthusiasm in many Independence Day celebrations. These celebrations are an excellent way of taking part in acknowledging and respecting the struggles that our ancestors have gone through. A speech on Independence Day 2018, will have a great impact on today’s youth, who see the struggle for independence as a part of the past. You will definitely want today’s children to grow up respecting our valiant freedom fighters, and by letting them hear 15th August Independence Day speech, you will be helping inculcate those values in them.

Why Are Speeches On This Day Important?

India is a secular country, which has a host of languages that are used by different regions. It showcases the diversity of this country, and is something to be proud of. Despite these cultural differences, on the day of Independence, the entire nation comes together to acknowledge the power and strength of unity. If you want to arouse such feeling of patriotism, then an Independence Day speech in Hindi or an Independence Day speech in Marathi language is the way to do it.

It allows people from different regions to be able to truly appreciate your speech, and understand its integrity. By using languages of the different regions of the country you can acknowledge the varied cultures that permeate our society and help enrich it with their values.

The Sense And Feeling Of Patriotism

A 15th August Speech in Hindi will help you to express your love for the country in your own language. You will be able to share stores of the struggle for independence which have inspired you, which have made you appreciate the liberties that you receive today as a free citizen of this nation. You can also share a Short Speech on Independence Day in Marathi, so that your message of pride is able to reach more people.

Speech on Independence Day in Hindi pdf for Students

Below image contains short and long independence day speech in Hindi for students and teachers for 15th August 2018.

speech on independence day in hindi pdf for students

Also get in english,

15th August 2018 Independence Day Speech in English Language

independence day speech in english for teachers

If you are a True Marathi then you should speak for your country in marathi language, so here we are sharing a short speech on independence day in marathi for students and teachers.

15th August Independence Day Speech in Marathi PDF

15th August independence day speech in marathi pdf

Independence Day is something that many people may just see as a day of staying at home, and enjoying a day off from work and school. But, it is so much more than just that. It is a day to spend with your family, and it is a day to acknowledge and celebrate all of those people who are still fighting to keep our nation safe. On this day, make sure that you take some time to remember the brave fighters that we lost, and all those who are still spending day after day at our countries borders to protect our freedom and our nation. Participate in, or host an Independence Day celebrations so that you can help these patriotic feelings grow in future generations.

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